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Is it family friendly?


Q. Is the Festival family friendly?
A. Yes, we are welcoming families and we have activities which are child friendly. However, please be aware we are unable to provide childcare facilities, so we ask parents to be responsible for their own children.

Q. Can I bring my dog?
A. Trained dogs are welcome. Dogs must be kept on a lead when close to the camping and Festival area. Owners are expect to carry poo bag to clean up after themselves, this is a Health and Safety requirement to prevent Toxocariasis.

Q. Do you have showers?

Yes, we do have the hot showers, you do have the responsibility to clean the shower after it been used. A donation would be greatly appreciated and it will go towards the cleaning products and toiletry.

Q. How far is Cardigan town from the Festival field?
A. The field is around 1.8 miles or 30 minutes walk from the Cardigan town.

Q. Can you recommend any B&B, Hotels nearby?
A. The Festival field Post Code is SA43 1RB. You can google accommodation nearby. For more information on Cardigan area, go to or click the button below


Q. Can we have BBQ and Fire Pits?
A. To be confirmed. Please come back when we know more.

Q. Is it wheelchair accessible?
A. The Festival is on a farmer’s field, and will endeavour to make is accessible as possible within our budget constraints. If you need to know more, please get in touch and we will see what we can do. Our ambition is to make the festival accessible for everyone.

Q. Do you have WIFI?
A. No, we do not have Wi-Fi however the reception is there.

Q. Do you have phone charger facility?
A. Yes, we do have the phone charger lockers.

Q. Can we bring alcohol?
A. Yes, within your own camping area, but no glass allowed, plastic or cans are fine. Only drinks bought from our own bar in Marquee can be consumed in the main Festival area. We rely on bar sales to cover the cost of arranging the festival and futures festival. Alcohol will be served to the over 18’s only so please don’t be offended if we ask for identification.

Q. Will there be food van?
A. Yes we have the food van at the Festival.

Q. Is there a cash machine?
A. No, there is no cash machine at the festival. However there is cash machines at the Tesco in the local town of Cardigan.

Q. Is there enough lighting?
A. We have tall spot lights near the Marquee, toilets, and food area. Recommend bringing a torch or a lamp to make your way back to your camp area.

Q. I have to travel far, can I arrive a few days earlier?
A. If you are travelling a long distance, please contact us and special arrangements can be made (need to register early arrivals).

Q. What time can I arrive on the 2nd?
A. You can arrive anytime after 12pm on the 2nd of September.

Q. Do you have a hook-up electricity?
A. Yes for £20 each. Please fill booking form for hook-up electricity follow here below

Q. Do you sell day ticket only?
A. No, we do not sell day ticket, however we do sell the weekends tickets.

Q. When does the food van start and when it end?

A. The food van will be open from morning 7am-8am until 2am

Q. Do we have day time activities?

A. Yes, we do have day time activities.  If you want to find more information, please check Facebook group below.

Q. Is there any attraction in Cardigan to visits?

A. Yes, there are many attraction in Cardigan. if you want to know what attraction are there, please check Facebook.

Q. Can anyone from outside of Wales welcome to attend this event?

A. Yes, anyone from outside of Wales are welcome.

Q. Do we need to take a wellie for this festival? 

A. Weather can be unpredictable in few days so bring them just in case.

For more information, please visit Facebook Group as Celtic Deaf Festival 2022. Click the button below.

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